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The Best Fit - 3D Bio-CAD/CAM

The Difference is in the details

Derived from the patient’s CT Scan Data, 3D BIO-CAD/CAM software is used to transfer the intricate details found on the edge of the defect directly to the implant edge.

Kelyniam then uses Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology to precision mill the implant, using tolerances that are less than the thickness of a business card. The result is an exact replication of the patient’s missing bone flap!

  • Better anatomic fit versus conventional reconstructive methods
  • Noticeable preferred fit versus other competing implant options
  • Reduced operating time compared to traditional reconstructive methods that require extensive contouring (titanium mesh/bone cement)
  • Excellent aesthetic results for surgeon and patient

We have made significant advancements in the use of Bio-CAD/CAM technology allowing us to provide extremely precise, patient specific cranial implants

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