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About Us

Kelyniam is a Medical Device Manufacturing Company that specializes in the production of custom prosthetics utilizing computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing of advanced medical grade polymers. The company’s Engineering Division is constantly working with medical professionals by allowing them to operate more effectively, improving patient care, and reducing health care cost by providing the highest quality products available with today’s technology. Kelyniam is continually researching and developing new products and processes to help patients live more active and productive lives.

Our Engineering Division has recently made significant advancements in the use of Bio-CADCAM technology such as providing near perfect replicated Cranial implants to replace damaged bone structures. Similarly to our most recent acquisitions, Kelyniam is constantly in search of value enterprises and investment opportunities in North and South America. The company’s long term business goals are to advance our existing technology and capabilities, and to acquire or invest in High Technology industries which management has extensive experience in order to consistently add shareholder value.